Source code for pettingzoo.utils.wrappers.capture_stdout

from pettingzoo.utils.capture_stdout import capture_stdout
from pettingzoo.utils.env import AECEnv
from pettingzoo.utils.wrappers.base import BaseWrapper

[docs] class CaptureStdoutWrapper(BaseWrapper): """Takes an environment which prints to terminal, and gives it an `ansi` render mode where it captures the terminal output and returns it as a string instead.""" def __init__(self, env: AECEnv): assert isinstance( env, AECEnv ), "CaptureStdoutWrapper is only compatible with AEC environments" assert hasattr(env, "render_mode"), f"Environment {env} has no render_mode." assert ( env.render_mode == "human" # pyright: ignore[reportGeneralTypeIssues] ), f"CaptureStdoutWrapper works only with human rendering mode, but found {env.render_mode} instead." # pyright: ignore[reportGeneralTypeIssues] super().__init__(env) self.metadata["render_modes"].append("ansi") self.render_mode = "ansi" def render(self) -> str: with capture_stdout() as stdout: super().render() val = stdout.getvalue() return val def __str__(self) -> str: return str(self.env)