Third-Party Environments#


PettingZoo environment with a simplified version of the BomberMan game for experiments in reinforcement learning and evolutionary computation.

StarCraft Multi-Agent Challenge#

Collection of widely used StarCraft2 based cooperative environments.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Simulator#

PettingZoo environment wrapper for Blizzard’s Hearthstone game.

Fanorona AEC#

Implementation of the Fanorona board game

Longroad Envs#

Multi-Agent traffic control environments.

PZ Dilemma#

Collection of prisoner’s dilemma games as PettingZoo environments


Simplified simulation of an ant colony

Generalized Rock Paper Scissors#

More general n-players form of the Rock Paper Scissors environments in PettingZoo

PZ Risk#

Implementation of the Risk board game as a PettingZoo environment


PettingZoo (and Gym) wrappers for the widely used SUMO traffic simulation

Sequential Social Delima Games#

Set of two environments with numerous multi-agent equilibria popular with researchers

Neural MMO#

Massive environment intended to replicate an MMORPG game and hopefully study general intelligence problems


Maintained fork of too many cooks game with PettingZoo API support


PettingZoo based supply chain management environment


PettingZoo environments for city grid power management, based on the CityLearn simulator.

Racecar Gym#

Multi-Agent racing environment that supports the PettingZoo API.

Mu Torere#

PettingZoo based implementation of the Mū tōrere board game from New Zealand


PettingZoo based implementation of the SkyJo board game