Simple Crypto#


This environment is part of the MPE environments. Please read that page first for general information.


from pettingzoo.mpe import simple_crypto_v2



Parallel API


Manual Control



agents= [eve_0, bob_0, alice_0]



Action Shape


Action Values

Discrete(4)/Box(0.0, 1.0, (4))

Observation Shape


Observation Values


State Shape


State Values


In this environment, there are 2 good agents (Alice and Bob) and 1 adversary (Eve). Alice must sent a private 1 bit message to Bob over a public channel. Alice and Bob are rewarded +2 if Bob reconstructs the message, but are rewarded -2 if Eve reconstruct the message (that adds to 0 if both teams reconstruct the bit). Eve is rewarded -2 based if it cannot reconstruct the signal, zero if it can. Alice and Bob have a private key (randomly generated at beginning of each episode) which they must learn to use to encrypt the message.

Alice observation space: [message, private_key]

Bob observation space: [private_key, alices_comm]

Eve observation space: [alices_comm]

Alice action space: [say_0, say_1, say_2, say_3]

Bob action space: [say_0, say_1, say_2, say_3]

Eve action space: [say_0, say_1, say_2, say_3]

For Bob and Eve, their communication is checked to be the 1 bit of information that Alice is trying to convey.


simple_crypto_v2.env(max_cycles=25, continuous_actions=False)

max_cycles: number of frames (a step for each agent) until game terminates

continuous_actions: Whether agent action spaces are discrete(default) or continuous